Awakening The Potential

“On the quest to find the perfect environment for our little busy bee, we found Peace Montessori. This amazingly warm and loving environment provided an atmosphere where our highly inquisitive little lady could explore at her own pace and her strong will and independence were nourished and encouraged. Soon, thereafter, we had our little boy and he too has joined the Peace family. There is not a doubt in my mind that the teachers and staff at Peace love and adore our children. I could not have asked for a better start for our children. The atmosphere is accepting, affirming and provides a culture that is welcoming to all. For that I am thankful. Our children love Peace Montessori –their teachers, their friends, and their experiences and for that we love Peace too!”

Julian and Monique Ross

“Currently I am working on a Bachelors degree in Computer Information Technology with Minors in Spanish and Entrepreneurship. Montessori schooling has definitely helped me develop my learning discipline and independence. Learning things like long division and grammar with physical materials rather than a piece of paper and a pencil made it easier for me to transfer into the very hands-on field of technology. I learned how to motivate myself and manage my time to work towards my work plan goals for the week.

When I tell people that I attended a Montessori school, they are curious of how it works and then surprised at how well I managed my own learning at such a young age. My instructors left such a huge impact on me. I have very fond memories of all my teachers as they soon became my role models. In Montessori schooling the students start learning languages at a very young age. I was so excited to learn Spanish that I decided to continue learning it through college and now I am fluent. I also learned great life skills like cooking, botany and woodworking. Montessori school was the foundation of my education and provided me with solid work ethic so that I could further my education and succeed outside of the Montessori system.”

Jasmine Mansour-Cole
Junior at Purdue University
Montessori Student from preschool through 7th grade

“Both of our girls attend Peace Montessori. Our oldest daughter Olivia started attending Peace Montessori at the age of 21 months and we could not be more pleased with how she has developed. Our youngest, Cecilia is currently in the Primary classroom and we are impressed with how she is progressing as well. The staff at Peace Montessori has taught our girls to be polite, independent, caring, happy little girls. The teachers and the rest of the staff, as well as the Montessori educational system all contribute to the positive growth we have seen in our girls. We greatly appreciate the efforts, dedication and love that the staff at Peace show to our girls and every other student at the school. Peace Montessori School has provided Olivia and Cecilia with a valuable multi-cultural learning experience in a loving, comfortable environment. They have gained self-confidence, basic manners and compassion for others. As a former alumni, I could not be happier to see my girls flourishing at this school. Peace Montessori was the right choice for our children’s education.”

– Jessica and Todd Menor

“Peace has offered a great learning environment for our daughter Ellie since she started in the toddler program when she was 17 months old. She moved into the Primary program when she was three and received a solid developmental and social foundation that her educational career will be built upon. She is now in the Lower Elementary program and we could not be more pleased with the skills she has developed as a result of the Montessori model of teaching. The administrators and staff always have her best interest in mind and work to challenge her on a daily basis. We are thankful for the great learning environment she is welcomed into every day!”

– Heather and Kent Castleman