Over one hundred years ago Dr. Montessori began to attract attention for her approach to educating children. This approach aimed to build off of the natural curiosity and impulse to learn innate in humans. Today thousands of Montessori schools exist throughout the world, teaching under the directives of her philosophy as it pertains to young children through their elementary years. To that end, it is much harder to find quality high schools that have adopted her model.

in 2016 Peace Montessori decided that our community of children needed to have the opportunity to continue their education, here at Peace, beyond their middle school years. With a commitment to not only academic readiness but study habits, reasoning skills, critical thinking methods and global concern, we decided to move in the direction of a technology based program.  After careful consideration, Peace sought out the best of the virtual high school programs available, thus allowing students to manage their own education at their own pace.

In our small student-facilitator setting, students have hands-on lessons as well as the ability to choose from more than 150 online courses. Peace’s High School facilitator models solid values and skills that will set the students up for later successes.